Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Book Club!

Resolutions are tough, no doubt.  The initial will for most to succeed is usually met with the reality of failure.  How then can one actually achieve a resolution? Welcome, The Resolution for Women.

This is the feature book for the Women’s Ministry spring book club.  It was written in partnership with “Courageous,” the now famous movie that prompted men to take a stand for their God-given roles in life.  And so this book addresses the same charge for the opposite sex.  However, it’s not a boring list of rules and regulations.   The author is on the journey with us, and beautifully mixes real life stories, Scripture and practical-yet-profound ideas on how we can embrace biblical womanhood with passion and conviction.  Whether you play the role of helpmate, mother, co-worker, friend, college student, citizen, or whatever you embody, the goal is to be in relationship with God and glorify Him through our lives on earth.  

Being resolute, while exciting and challenging, comes with one tiny catch: being content.  The author notes that, “Contentment keeps your mind clear. Peaceful. Settled. Undisturbed.  Happy to be here, and when God determines, happy to be there.” My initial thought was, “Wow. Sounds great, but it’s not likely to happen.” Life is so busy and crazy, and I often find myself wanting to be there instead of here, pining over silly issues and being a little baffled at the way life turned out.  Let me back up: I have a beautiful life and nothing to complain about.  But in all honesty, I struggle at times with being content.  Do you?

Come join us as we have an open discussion on the topics of defining yourself, your value and honoring God in your current life role. We’ll screen the movie, “Courageous” beforehand, and then meet to discuss the book’s three-part theme, “This is Who I Am,” “This is What I Have,” and “This is What Matters to Me.” Yes, we’ll even sign these resolutions with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

As the author puts it, let’s start a “resolution revolution” together.  The living Word of God plus a resolute heart is where all the fun is anyway.  (Stay tuned for details on the Women's Ministry website.)

See you in April! 
Lisa Schluchter

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